Hey there!

I'm Nina Mourtada

I'm a bilingual Product and Graphic Designer with a background in Design and Communication, who loves to do UX Research and problem solveing.

My Career so far

Thanks to my background in Graphic Design and communicating with clients to understand their needs, I have developed strong communication and critical thinking skills that help me ask the right questions when working with clients and colleagues. This skill has helped me empathize with the people I work with and try to understand their problems and use Design Thinking to solve those problems. The aspect of working with clients to understand the problem and solve it is what led me to take an interest in UX/UI. I hope to use my acquired skills to create products that would have a positive impact on my environment and hope to gain more skills as I progress in my career.

Product Design
UX Design
UI Design
Design Thinking
Problem Solving
Graphic Design
Adobe Suite


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